Best Flowers For The Garden



A little spreading shrub about ft. high bearing in profusion pretty funnel-shaped blossoms of magenta, pink, white or yellowish. These open in the afternoon and their delicate scent becomes apparent as the sun goes down. They’re grown from the hard black seeds which are created in tons.


Some wonderful colours have been developed from pure white to brilliant scarlet, among Geraniums. They’re a bit fussy about treatment and the paler colours usually do not boom on the plains. Dull teeth have scalloped borders and margin the light, soft, nearly circular leaves. The lovely heads of blooms, with their distinctive aroma, are not unfamiliar to most individuals. The plants should be under watered and need protection from severe sunlight, wind and rain rather than over. Three cuttings in a 10 ins. Pot full of ordinary earth, make a display that is excellent.



There arc lots of colours to select from if you arc going to grow this well-known shrub. The single and double varieties are equally Icvely and will give you little trouble if you second that they have a few hours sun a day and big pots. The leaves arc always serrated but change in shape, size and colour based on the colour of the flowers. With a tiny study the various types can be recognised. Prune often to get a fine bushy formation.


A popular sweet smelling climber which does nicely in a bathtub trained over a ‘ balloon.’ The tubular flowers arc not black when they come out but turn creamy-yellowish as they get older. Keep in a bright place.
BUTTERFLY PEA. (Clitoria). The leaves are split into 5 small leaflets. There are also purple and white types and they come double and single.
Take off the pods as they form to keep the strength in the blooms. Needs sun.


It is a slow grower but flowers young and throughout the year.


One is a little bit of a climber with flowers from many of which protrude a scarlet star like little white balls. Some have dull pink and purple balls. It can be trained round a a railing or along a balloon. Cut well back before the monsoon. The other is an erect plant with large rough leaves topped by clusters of orange-red blossoms which last for weeks. The blooms grow just on new shoots so cut back the old ones after blooming. They enjoy some sunshine but can do without it.


A 2 to 8 ft. shrub wanting a medium-sized pot. It’s lots of foliage and clusters of f in. Blooms with unevenly lobed petals in cither salmon- rust or gold -yellowish. Flowers regularly and is no trouble.


Evergreen shrubs with gorgeous variegated leaves. There are tons of varieties. The leaves, which are tough and leathery, may be egg-shaped or long and narrow and arc streaked, spotted, splashed and veined in colors of ruby, green, cerise, yellow and bronze. They want morning sun to generate really brilliant colouring but do quite nicely in the shade. Top the top off a young plant to make it afterwards so and branch that a dense shrub is formed. Grow from cuttings and plant out into a big pot.