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How To Select the Right Wood Router

Choosing the right router for the right kind of work is a bit tricky. Of course, tools can be pricey that’s why we should know what tools is needed for a certain kind of job. Let’s go with the basics first. Let’s meet a different kind of wood routers.

First is the Fixed-based router. This is the basic kind of router. The bit at the end of this router has a bearing that follows along the edge of the materials. Heights can be adjusted by rotating its motor base. This is not advisable for interior cuts because you can’t turn off the motor while the base is in place.


The next kind is Plunge router. This is the best router for interior cuts. It has a lock that when released will move up and down so you can even cut the center of the wood. It can also help you determine the height of the materials. Unlike fixed-based routers that have templates to follow, plunge router used a template to cut in a straight line on the materials.

Lastly, is the Trim router. It is specifically designed for laminate works but you can also use this for small wood projects as well. Its bases will vary as well as its bevel cuts depending on your preferred choice.

Let’s talk about the sizes that will vary with wood routers. How big your router will be? 1.75-2.25-hp requires a two-handed operation and it can be a fixed or plunder type router. If you want a mid-size machine, it will be needed for moderate to large tasks like cutting, dovetailing and mortising, which is also the advisable size for routers.

Bigger is not always better for routers especially when you want handy ones. Large sized routers are usually recommended for cabinet doors, which needs an extra size of routers needed for profiling and joint-making.

If you can’t decide what kind of router you need, combination kit is what you need. Nowadays, fixed base or plunge base are the famous ones making you undecided about what you need to carry. In combination, kits give you a motor that can be placed for fixed-based or plunged-based routers. One more thing about combination kits is that you can put one in a router table and use the other for handheld routing. Just like modern laptops and handphones, combination kits make it more reliable and convenient to use. Basically, it gives us more comfort to use combination kits but remember that when choosing a wood router, always choose simplicity yet it’s versatile.


So, have you decided? We hope you do. Remember that being costly doesn’t mean that its better or bigger equipment is the best. At the end of the day, its purpose is still what matters most. Don’t go after the brand or name of the router but of course, make sure that it’s long lasting.

What are you waiting for? Go now to your favorite hardware and choose the right wood router needed for your work.

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